Silohaake System - Mühlen

Unsere Mühlen


- Fully stainless steel housing for all types of motor
- 2940 rpm mill motor (11-30 kW) with
- Special screen with 3-5 mm round holes
- Silohaake special bearing seal
- Set of 16 Hardox/V2A steel hammers
- Vibration damper
- Double-sided inlet
- Switchable hammer direction
  • Wet milling of grain, CCM and maize kernels produces quality results, making it a key process for many farms. This unbeatable quality is achieved due to the low flour content and maximum particle size maintained using special screens. The resulting feed texture ensures excellent fattening performance and keeps livestock in perfect health and free from stomach ulcers.
  • To prevent hammer and screen damage, foreign bodies (metals, stones, sand, etc.) are retained by the metered spray unit which acts as a separator upstream of the mill.
  • This system offers a more cost-effective solution than contract milling during harvesting, while ensuring a quality result.
  • As the mill is not required to pump, the hammer direction can be switched to reduce wear and increase the mill’s average yield. 
6 Silos 11,1 mtr.
3 Mühlen 24,5KW
12000t Mais