Silohaake System - Siloentnahmetechnik, Flüssigvermahlung, Silo-Entnahme

The Silohaake extraction system
for airtight silos with wet milling

  • Safe extraction of fodder, including CCM and high-moisture products
  • Wet milling with stainless steel hammers preserves the enzymes and fodder quality
  • The siphon principle prevents CO2 gas mixture from escaping, even during extraction
  • Easy to install in new and existing facilities
  • Optimum accessibility, even when the silo is full
  • Over 35 years of experience in the field
  • Over 300 European and Russian farms of all sizes already equipped
  • The SILOHAAKE siphon system effectively keeps oxygen out of the fodder stored in the silo during extraction. The CO2 produced by oxygen consumption immediately after filling remains safely inside the silo where it stops fodder respiration and prevents the loss of nutrients.
Entnahme vor dem Umbau
mit einer Trocken Mühle
  • The feed is extracted from the silo by an auger and then transported by the mixing fluid (e.g. skimmed milk, whey or water). The specified mixing ratio is preserved.
  • All system components inside the silo can be quickly reached and easily removed by just one person, regardless of the fodder (dry or moist grain, CCM, etc.).